Advance your knowledge and future behavior analysis career with PrioraCare’s many cutting-edge training programs. Start with one or two trainings or complete comprehensive program. PrioraCare is here to help!


Save time and money by allowing your BCBAs and technicians to spend more time with clients and less time in office. Your agency won’t have to “re-create the wheel” by making new trainings when our expert BCBAs have already done it for you!

Jump In

Test your skill. Take our live demo on Preference Assessments for spin. This is an exact duplicate of what is inside our product. You will find a required video and live test. You will also find a downloadable certificate, if you pass!

A La Cart Trainings

Are you interested in learning more about working with individuals with autism? Advance your knowledge with specialized topics related to autism, such as toilet training, social facilitation, school shadowing, and more!

Meet Legal & Contractual Requirements

Many governments, health plans, school districts and other funding sources now require specific trainings for staff. Keep your agency in compliance with PrioraCare’s annual compliance packages, which can be customized to include: Mandated Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting, HIPAA, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, and more.

Track Training in One Place

Our online dashboard allows agencies to track all your staff member’s trainings in one convenient location. You can track staff progress, exam scores, and print certificates of completion. You can even sort your staff database to track completed trainings by staff person or by training!

Workplace Compliance Training

Stay current with annual workplace training requirements for HIPAA, Mandated Abuse/Neglect Reporting, Sexual Harassment and Prevention. Easily track staff progress, certificates, and training renewals!