Professional Development for Autism Educators

When your school needs a professional development in-service for your teachers and paraprofessionals who work with students with autism, let PrioraCare lead the way with our Online Professional Development Series for Autism Educators. Topics include managing problem behaviors, token systems, data collection, writing BIPs and IEP goals, visual modifications, and more

Ensure Your School Staff Have Training to Provide Appropriate Education to Students with Autism

We understand how important it is for your school to provide an appropriate education for students with autism and other behavior challenges. PrioraCare now offers your school comprehensive trainings so that your staff members can provide effective behavioral support services for these students. With well-trained staff members, your school can help students meet their IEP and BSP goals, as well as access their curriculum in the least restrictive environments!

Track Training in One Place

Our online dashboard allows agencies to track all your staff member’s trainings in one convenient location. You can track staff progress, exam scores, and print certificates of completion. You can even sort your staff database to track completed trainings by staff person or by training!

Create Your Own ABA-Autism Classroom

With the prevalence of autism now 1 in 45 children, schools need effective solutions to appropriately educate these students more than ever before. With PrioraCare’s training, your staff will be equipped to create and work in an ABA-Autism classroom.

Train Paraprofessionals to Become Certified

Several certification boards have established certifications for front-line staff members who provide behavior support services. Now your school can easily train your paraprofessionals to become certified with PrioraCare’s online, cost-effective training program.