High Quality Staff Training

If you value giving high-quality training to your staff members so that your agency can reach the best clinical outcomes for your clients, then PrioraCare’s training is the right choice for your agency! PrioraCare has training packages to meet all the clinical and administrative training needs for your staff members… from behavior technicians all the way up to BCBA® Clinical Directors.

Gain the PrioraCare Training Advantage for Your ABA Staff Members Today

We know how important staff training is for your agency’s success, which is why PrioraCare now offers comprehensive training topics for all staff members on your clinical team. Your staff members will benefit from our trainings on ABA methods, ethics, data collection, creating behavior intervention plans, curriculum design, and more! PrioraCare’s trainings promote effective learning with relevant, real-world examples, videos, hand-outs, quiz questions, signature forms, and more.

Track Training in One Place

Our online dashboard allows agencies to track all your staff member’s trainings in one convenient location. You can track staff progress, exam scores, and print certificates of completion. You can even sort your staff database to track completed trainings by staff person or by training!

Meet Legal & Contractual Requirements

Many governments, health plans, school districts and other funding sources now require specific trainings for staff. Keep your agency in compliance with PrioraCare’s annual compliance packages, which can be customized to include: Mandated Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting, HIPAA, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, and more.

Easy, Cost-Effective Training Solution

PrioraCare’s online trainings can save your agency time and money by allowing your BCBAs and technicians to spend more time with clients and less time in office. Your agency won’t have to “re-create the wheel” by making new trainings when our expert BCBAs have already done it for you!