Applied Behavior Analysis - Introduction

This unit provides an introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, and includes a brief discussion on Experimental Analysis of Behavior, or EAB. This unit covers the foundations of operant conditioning and compares it to classical conditioning. We also cover relevant research showing how ABA is effective in treating individuals with autism, as well as describing the role of a behavior technician in an ABA treatment program.  




Participants will learn to:

1) Identify what Experimental Analysis of Behavior (EAB) is

2) Identify what Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is

3) Be able to compare EAB and ABA

4) Identify the ABCs of Behavior

5) Identify operant conditioning and how it affects behavior

6) Learn about ABA treatment support

7) Be exposed to research about ABA as a treatment for individuals with autism

8) Be exposed to different types of delivery models

9) Review the role of the behavior technician

10) Review the philosophy and values of developmental disability support services 

Designed for

Paraprofessionals, Professionals, and Family Members