Data Collection for Adaptive Skills Package

Data collection is a critical part of conducting effective behavior intervention for clients with autism spectrum disorder. First, by collecting data, you will be able to track if a client is making progress. You will also be able to use this data to make day-to-day decisions on how to move forward with a client’s lesson. Through data collection, you can be confident that your client is learning at an appropriate pace!



Designed for

Paraprofessionals, Professionals, Family Members


3 Videos
3 Handouts
3 Practice Quizes
3 Printable Certificates


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Learn measurement dimensions, procedures for measuring behavior, and indicators of trustworthy measurement.


Recording and Graphing DTT Data

Learn the skills to take and graph data in order to track student's day-to-day progress.


Flow of Session

Learn how to manage the flow of treatment session and review transition strategies which reduce stress for clients with autism.