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Teaching Appropriate Skills - Curriculum, Interventions, & Modifications

In this training, you will learn how to use ABA interventions to teach clients new skills in the following developmental domains: language, play, motor, adaptive, social, cognition, executive functioning, and academic. This training also touches upon AAC, fluency-based instruction, and multiple exemplar training. Furthermore, the training discusses how to use curriculum modifications, including visual supports, to help clients who are struggling to learn new skills. This training may be used as a supplemental training for paraprofessionals who have had RBT training but who also want to meet the task list requirements to sit for the BCAT examination.




Participants will learn how to use ABA interventions to teach individuals with autism or other special needs new skills in the following developmental domains: 

1) Language Skills

2) Play Skills

3) Motor Skills

4) Adaptive & Safety Skills

5) Social Skills / Joint Attention

6) Cognition Skills

7) Executive Functioning Skills

8) Academic Skills

Participants will also learn how to use:

• Curriculum Modifications &

• Visual Supports

Designed for

Paraprofessionals, Professionals, Family Members