Hazardous Materials and California Proposition 65 Training

In this training, we will go over the definition of hazardous materials. Then we will review the Hazard Communication Standard, as well as the classification of hazardous materials, such as into different types of physical hazards and health hazards. Then we will discuss the content of labels on hazardous materials. We will also go over the contents of safety data sheets, as well as review a sample safety data sheet. Also, we will go over strategies on reducing exposure to hazardous materials, as well as general guidelines for responding to an emergency, which involves exposure to hazardous materials. Finally, we will review the specifics of California’s Proposition 65. 




Participants will learn about the following: 

1) Hazardous Materials

2) Hazard Communication Standard

3) Physical Hazards

4) Health Hazards

5) Labels

6) Safety Data Sheets and Sample

7) Reducing Exposure to Hazardous Materials

8) Responding to an Emergency

9) California’s Proposition 65

Designed for

Paraprofessionals and Professionals