ABAT® Supplemental Training Package

This training includes additional material for the Applied Behavior Analysis Technician® (ABAT®) Credential Competencies, which are not included in typical online RBT® training programs. The additional training units will cover topics on autism, pivotal response treatment, visual supports, positive behavior supports, person-centered planning, as well as the philosophy, values, and advocacy regarding developmental disability support services.



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5 Videos
5 Handouts
5 Practice Quizes
5 Printable Certificates


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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Utilizing engaging video, view a thorough description of all the diagnostic characteristics of autism, shown students demonstrating the symptoms.


Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

Learn the definition, components, and examples of Pivotal Response Training (PRT) and observe a discussion of the 4 pivotal behaviors.


Teaching Appropriate Skills - Curriculum, Interventions, & Modifications

Watch examples of ABA interventions to teach clients new skills in language, play, motor, adaptive, social, cognition, executive functioning, and academic.


Person Centered Planning

Description of self-determination and person-centered planning movements, as well as community-based inclusion.


Positive Behavior Supports

Discussion of PBS with regard to its history, definition, major sources, values, elements, features, and principles.