Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) Package

In order to effectively engage with individuals with autism, it is critical to learn how to perform discrete trial teaching, or DTT! This effective, ABA method involves breaking down skills into small units of instruction so that the child can be rewarded for correct responding. In this training you will learn how to use DTT as part of a comprehensive ABA program to teach many types of new behaviors and skills.



Designed for

Paraprofessionals and Family Members


4 Videos
4 Handouts
4 Practice Quizes
4 Printable Certificates


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Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)


The Discrete Trial

Understand the basics and guidelines regarding how to teach students new skills using the first two components of the discrete trial.


Other Reinforcement Concepts

Learn useful information on how often to reward your student, as well as options to present rewards using the Premack Principle and token systems.



Gain an understanding of how students are motivated, as well as guidelines on how instructors can increase motivation.


Preference Assessments

View ideas on how to determine what your student likes before beginning a learning situation. Also understand how to transition in between learning trials.